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Banana fiber: a revolution in textile

Banana plant (scientific name: Musa acuminate) not only gives delicious fruits but also provides textile fiber, banana fiber. Made from the sustainable fibers that are scraped from the bark of a banana tree and handspun in Vietnam, Banana Fiber is a soft, plant-based alternative. in recent years the commercial value of banana fiber has increased and it is used all over the world for multiple purposes from making tea bags and sanitary napkins to Japanese yen notes and car tires plant ba fiber

 Banana fiber in comparison with different kinds of fiber

 What makes banana fiber so special?

  • Banana fiber is a perfect alternative choice for synthetic and natural yarns.
  • Banana fiber is bio-degradable, recyclable so it’s completely vegan and eco-friendly, contains no chemistry and non-toxic
  •  Natural and medical properties of banana fiber protect our health and 100% safe. Banana fabric’s high qualities: It has a somewhat shiny appearance depending upon the extraction & spinning process.
  •  It is very soft because it is put through a softening process that makes the fiber very similar to silk.
  • It has a strong moisture absorption quality. It absorbs as well as releases moisture very fast.
  • It can be spun through almost all the methods of spinning including ring spinning, open-end spinning, bast fiber spinning, and semi-worsted spinning among others

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