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For agricultural manufacturers, a kind of paper from banana trunks could be a reasonable raw material for notes of cash, printed papers, wrapping papers, tea-bags… For the textile industry, banana trunks can provide a kind of natural fibre which have numerous prominent advantages such as one of strongest fibre, highly air permeability and good length. For crafters, they can use areca of banana trunks as a newly discovered material for handicraft products beside traditionally natural materials such as sedge, jute and thorn. For interior and fashion designers, banana fibre and banana cloth is a kind of special and interesting material.

Musa Pacta is a company specializing in manufacturing and trading in banana fibers and products made from natural fibers made from banana stems. We are happy to bring to our community completely natural, environmentally friendly and helpful products.

Musa Pacta là công ty chuyên hoạt động sản xuất, kinh doanh trong lĩnh vực sợi chuối và các sản phẩm từ sợi tự nhiên được làm từ thân cây chuối. Chúng tôi hân hạnh mang đến cho trái đất một sản phẩm hoàn toàn tự nhiên, thân thiện với môi trường và đặc biệt mang lại nhiều lợi ích cho cộng đồng. 

まず、Musa Pacta Co.Ltd. のすべてのメンバーを代表して、健康、成功、発展への願いをお伝えしたいと思います。

MUSA PACTA - the First Musa Fiber Business in Vietnam
for starting a new business in the country.

Musa Pacta, we are here for serve.

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